Isabelle Young is a young artist who seeks to use art as a tool to learn about the world and appreciate the delights of life. They grew up near San Francisco, and earned a 3D studio art and art education degree at the University of Arizona. Living in Tucson and the Bay Area has a profound effect on the art and perspective Isabelle has on the world. Isabelle has always been a person who keeps busy with all kinds of tactile and digital projects, ranging from gardening to welding steel to paper making. Currently, Isabelle travels North America full time in her self-built off-grid tiny home with her partner Isaac (who created and maintains this website) and lively cattle dog, Artie. Isabelle is driven by the desire to “stretch the creative muscle” in any way that feels good, hence has created her own platform to share her art and adventures. Thank you for your interest and support, it makes this all possible!

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If you have a marvelous idea and would like to bring it into the world, Isabelle can work with you to make this reality!

Please include your name, email address, and the project you would like to come to fruition.

Some considerations:

  • medium the piece is made of
  • the dimensions (digital or physical)
  • Include some descriptions of the commision, and similar pieces from Isabelles Painted Sky

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